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Rochester, NY

As an English major in college, I fell in love with the art of storytelling.  I loved every aspect about it.  The creative freedoms... the way I could make a world come to life. And with every book finished- with each paper completed, I loved the feeling it gave me. I was fulfilled. Accomplished. 

And as I picked up a camera, I felt that same pull to tell a story.  To get a glimpse into the world around me. Into the lives of the people who wanted their story told.  And after 15 years, I'm still in love with it all.  The quiet moments of a mother kissing her baby.  The tears of a father as he gives his daughter away.  The squeals and giggles of siblings running wild together.  It's those stories that need to be remembered.  

I see the importance in it as my husband and I raise our three beautiful kids.  It's gone by too fast already, and the memories are fleeting.  But I can capture it with a click of a shutter, and capsulize that memory forever.  I urge you to do the same. 

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